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Do you dance with your customer?

Posted by Lesley Roberts | 27.09.11

Would your first dance be worthy of straight ‘10s?’


To make a difference in whatever you want to do well, you have to look at your style and technique.  All professionals in their field are up for constantly honing their skill and are prepared to make the small changes, in your case in the selling that will make the BIG difference to performance.  So, I ask you again… 

Do you really dance with your customer?  Do you partner them, get in-step with them, build mutual respect and trust for each other’s experience to date and show an emotional affinity so that your dance is worthy of straight 10s from the judges!?!

Here are some ways you can score straight 10s as you build rapport and dance with your customer …

  • Give everyone who comes into your sales office the respect of greeting them professionally, and regardless of your mindset when they approached the office, reward their visit with at least 3 minutes of your complete attention – attend to them as a person and be mindful not to push what you have to sell on them; find out who they are; how you can best rapport with them?
  • Practice how warm your greeting feels and how your genuine passion for helping people to find a home (not a plot, a unit or a house; a home) comes across to these strangers who have a desire to make a significant decision to purchase a home  
  • Inspire them to buy from you because you are human; use appropriate humour and empathy.  What overall impression do you want them to have of you?
  • Decide what it is you want every customer to remember about the experience they have with you?   What do you need to do to achieve that response? 

Decide to dance with your customer – you will notice a real difference in your selling!


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